Cloud Storage

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage(CS) is a computing model in which the digital data is stored in logical pools. This type of data is stored on different servers and is responsibility of cloud service provider to store it on servers. Cloud storage providers are responsible for keeping the data available and accessible, anytime anywhere. People and organizations buy or lease storage capacity from service providers to store valuable data to get more space and backup of records.

In order to access this data, a stable Internet connection is needed to share and access data across multiple devices such as computers or smartphones.

CS allows users to access all the data stored in a data centre. This is achieved using minimal resources and minimal supervision.

Advantages of Cloud Storage in Medical Centres

1. Cost Effective
Medical centre using cloud-based services are more likely to spend less operational cost than others who are using paper based solutions or external hard drives. Considering migrating your data to a CS service can give you easy operational activities and more space for data.
2. Accessibility
Using cloud based storage service in medical centres can give medical workers to access patients records easily via smart devices, they can access all files, folders and other information stored in the cloud from anywhere in the world. By using provided user credentials and internet access.
3. Recovery
One of the biggest advantages of using CS service is you can have a backup recovery of data. If something happens to the files on a smart device, you can always access the cloud and retrieve record that may have been damaged or lost. In this way, patient’s data will safe and available anytime.
4. Syncing
CS services enables easy syncing process. If you need to change something in a file, cloud-based storage gives you automatic sync the changed data in all the devices which are affiliated.
5. Increased Security
Cloud storage provider provide extra layers of security protocol in order to prevent your files and folders from either ending up in the wrong hands or from being lost.

Security Protocols

Medicalit. Services provide all necessary security protocols to keep your data protected from any kind of disaster and data breach. We provide you affordable service and easy access operational resources which will save your time and space.

We can reduce your hassles and take responsibility of your records.