Managed Basic and Advanced AV

Why Should Your Medical Centre Pay for Antivirus?

As so much of a medical centre’s data is stored via the internet, systems need to be protected from cyber threats such as viruses.

Viruses are nasty little computer programs designed to comprise data, expose information to hackers and can debilitate the technical-side of an entire network.

As cyber-threats become more sophisticated businesses should look to advanced antivirus programs as they offer the most up to date protection. 

At Medical It. Services we can provide two types of antivirus protection; basic and advanced. 

Managed AV Basic Protection

Our basic antivirus feature is updated constantly to protect your devices against known and emerging viruses.

Benefits of managed AV protection

  • It keeps your devices secure
  • It gives you control over your devices
  • It minimises resources drains

Medical IT. Services provides you complete

  • Security
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Regular updates
  • Cost effective pricing
  • Central management

All these benefits will help you to focus on your medical centre’s activities so you don’t stay up at night worrying about getting infected by malware.

Managed AV Advanced Protection

Medical IT.  Services also provides advanced antivirus solutions.

Our advanced security features include:

  • Artificial Intelligence threat detection
  • Real time threat prevention
  • Advanced ransomware security
  • Advanced malware scan and clean
  • Remote security management

Medical IT. Services Provide