Onsite Backup and Offsite Backup

Medical IT. Services choose best for you. Our team provides you with secure Onsite backup and Offsite Backup devices to store records in it.

What is Onsite Backup?

Onsite backup is the process of storing patients data on a local storage device periodically, such as hard disk, CDs, magnetic tapes, and hard drives. In other words, storage hardware is located internally in your healthcare organization. All internal systems have direct access to the storage within the same building, connected through local area network (LAN).

Benefits of on-site Backup:

What We Do for Onsite Backup

Medical IT. Services choose best for you. Our team provides you with secure hardware backup devices to store records in it. We work with the law and orders which are enforced on the medical industry. We prioritised securing, protecting and backing up your data.

Offsite Backup

What is Offsite Backup?

An offsite is a process that stores a backup of patients data external to the organization in cloud storage, in case of any cyberattack, occurs in the data centre, it can easily be retrieved. Data stored as an offsite backup can be accessed from anywhere through a wide area network (WAN).

Benefits of Offsite Backup

What We Do for Offsite Backup

All the sensitive data is encrypted and secured into the cloud. Our professional team takes extensive care of your data, stores it by using a safe and secure approach. offsite backup should be automatic, consistent and reliable. We do it all. Your data will be recovered quickly if something happens to your data location.

Let’s us take care of your valuable data we will keep it safe and secure. And never let you down.

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