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Healthcare Cloud Phone System

Cloud PBX, Call Queues, EFax Services

Most medical practices rely on dependable phone services for contact with their patients. But the old telephone systems limit effective and uninterrupted communication. We can help you to get rid of these outdated communication systems and provide Healthcare Cloud Phone System.

The essential features of our cloud-based medical phone systems are Efax Services, Call Recording, VoIP (Voice over IP), IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and other useful tools to support telehealth and telemedicine practices.

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Medical Phone System
Medical Phone System

What is Medical Phone System?

A medical phone system enables healthcare facilities to manage their business operations from on-site, home, and on the go with their smartphones and computers. It boosts the safety of sensitive data, reliability, and decreases costs. Also healthcare phone systems allow you to receive calls and transfer, conference calls and meetings, shared voice messages, and so on.

Why Your Practice Need Cloud-Based Phone System?

Communication without any limitation is elemental. A physical telephony service limits communication, thereby limiting your potential to provide best-in-class patient care.

A cloud-based phone system is a blessing for the medical sector as it unchains it and opens the door of an economical cure for old-fashioned communications. Some of the reasons are described below:  

  • VOIP enabled cloud solutions. 
  • Ability to handle high call volumes at the same time.
  • Healthcare providers can coordinate between different locations.  
  • Closed-based phone systems reduce the cost of PBX maintenance. 
  • More secure than a PBX because of the latest security software and hardware.
  • Instantly connect to patients through chat, apps, sms, social media, video or voice calls.

Moreover, they allow you to attend to patients’ concerns immediately and maintain their privacy. With integrated abilities for detailed analytics and call reporting, a cloud-based healthcare phone system supplies you with the information required to make important decisions concerning care offerings, management, and finance.

What is Medical Phone System

How We Provide Cloud-Based Phone System?

We believe that your practice deserves cloud-native communications solutions for fearless growth. Our Healthcare Cloud Phone System is designed to fulfill your medical practice needs in a synchronized and systematized manner. Find out how we can convert your telecommunication devices into a cloud-based medical phone system.

Cloud-Based Technology

Our cloud-based phone systems offer you contemporary, reliable, fully integrated, and other communication tools for your facility.

Easy to Configure

Our IT engineers are experts in setting up medical phone systems. Our web portals enable you to configure and use effortlessly.

Multiple Devices Connectivity

Our medical phone system can be connected to Microsoft Teams which will enable your staff to make or receive calls remotely.

Business Continuity

In case of any disaster occurs, calls will be automatically made to a given number or place to avoid unplanned downtime.

Full Insights Reports

Review call data and analytics with full insight report. Trend analysis, and assess metrics with actionable info to your phone system.

Onsite and Offsite Support

Get real-time support so your staff can make and receive important calls to the premises (desk phone), cell phones, PC or tablets.

Additional Features of Medical Phone System

Medical Phone System Features
Setup Quickly

Quick Setup

Quickly add or remove users and scale up or down with a few simple clicks.


Device Connectivity

We implement device connectivity strategies for error reduction and access to patient data.

IT Support

24x7 IT Support

Your patients will get a response immediately as our medical phone systems work 24/7.

FAQs About Our Cloud-Based Medical Phone Systems

Medical phone systems enhance the security of critical information, reliability and reduce costs.

Yes, a cloud-based medical phone system allows your team and patients to connect easily from many remote locations.

In case of a shutdown or sudden downtime, the medical phone system will automatically make a call to a designated number.

We provide HIPAA compliant safe eFax services, unmediated safe texting, quickest ADT notifications which allow hospitals to swap actionable data.

Yes, 30% of huge data breaches happen due to lost or stolen phones.

Cloud-Native Medical Phone System For Practices

We provide cost-effective solutions for healthcare communication that is in line with your facility’s aims and objectives. Our advanced and secure cloud-native phone system is trusted by thousands of healthcare providers across Australia. Start your journey towards a successful healthcare practice with a cloud right approach.

Cloud-Based Medical Phone System
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