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Managed Cloud Services for Healthcare

Take Your Practice To The Next Level

Do you want to migrate your practice data to the cloud? Are you looking for a reputable cloud services provider? As a trusted and reliable IT support company, we are helping the medical industry by providing managed cloud services including email, server application hosting, hybrid & private cloud, data backup, and migration soltion.

Contact us today to enhance the productivity of your healthcare practice through our free cloud consulting services with 24×7 technical support.

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Managed Cloud Services
Cloud Computing in Healthcare

What is Cloud Computing in Healthcare?

Over the past few years, healthcare providers have been actively adopting cloud storage platforms for patient care, information management, and data security.

The implementation of cloud computing in the healthcare industry has streamlined the process of facilitating patient care in Australia.

Also, cloud-based medical records have made it easier for healthcare professionals to securely transfer data and share patients’ health information over the Internet.

Why Your Practice Need Managed Cloud Services?

During the hard times of the pandemic, the use of cloud computing in healthcare organisations is rapidly increasing to support essential patient care services.

The Australian Government is also encouraging General Practitioners to adopt cloud computing as a part of their daily operations.

Using managed cloud services helps to increase the productivity of your healthcare practice and facilitate the delivery of high-quality, and personalised care.

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Healthcare Cloud Services

How We Provide Managed Cloud Services?

Medical IT. Services is a trusted, reputable cloud services provider that has been helping Australian healthcare companies with a complete range of cloud solutions and consulting services. Our managed cloud services allow registered users to get access to our data centers in Australia. Whether you need a cloud email service or a personal cloud solution, find out how we cover them all.

Cloud Email Services

Cloud Email

Simplify email management with our Cloud Based Email Services. A managed cloud platform with all-in-one solutions for email security, archiving, and continuity.

Private Cloud Services

Private Cloud

Cloudify your healthcare apps and practice data by using our private cloud storage services. All-in-one cloud solution to secure your medical data in a private cloud system.

Server And Application Hosting

Server and Application Hosting

Enable the virtualisation of healthcare applications by using our cloud hosting solution, designed for heavy workloads, large data storage, and high-level of performance.

Additional Benefits of Our Managed Cloud Services

Benefits Of Managed Cloud Services
Reduce Cost

Reduces Costs

Our managed cloud storage services allow healthcare providers to securely store all data while reducing the operational cost of maintaining physical servers.

Security And Privacy

Security and Privacy

In case of a data breach, our cloud management solution provides automation of backups and disaster recovery options for data security and privacy.

Telemedicine Capabilities

Telemedicine Capabilities

Cloud helps to improve various healthcare-related facilities such as telemedicine, post-hospital plan and virtual medication service.

FAQs About Our Managed Cloud Services

Managed cloud is a service that helps organisations build their servers and infrastructure on the cloud by handling the technical back-end, allowing companies to focus on their core business.

By implementing appropriate safeguards, policies and procedures, private data can be securely stored and accessed in third-party cloud servers by a network of users.

The lack of security surrounding these documents was a significant risk to patient safety. The cloud” has helped to ensure that every healthcare provider can access a data storage solution that will adequately protect patient’s sensitive information.

Our fully managed cloud services can help you manage regulatory compliance and internal governance requirements. We can help your organization meet sector-specific compliance requirements with services that support key industry programs.

By using our managed cloud services you can increase the productivity of your healthcare practice and facilitate the delivery of high-quality, and personalized care. You can start your cloud journey by calling us at 1300 660 368 or email us. 

Leveraging Cloud Technology to Accelerate Healthcare Innovation

More than a decade of working experience in the IT industry, we understand the importance of cloud computing in the healthcare sector. Don’t hesitate to call us at 1300 660 368 or email us and learn more about our unbeatable cloud management services. Our cloud consultants are available 24×7 to provide innovative solutions to build an efficient healthcare environment.

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