Medical IT Consulting

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Medical IT Services understands the accreditation process and the increasing role of Information Technology (IT) for General Practice. By understanding the IT requirements for your practice, we can assist you with the entire accreditation process.


Medical IT Services can recommend, install, and manage technology according to your objectives and core competencies, and ensure that critical data is safe. We reduce security risk through consulting, services, and expertise that helps to protect users, customers, and patients.


Get real-time phone support – our cybersecurity processes are designed to protect networks, computers, programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access. Our 24x7 support offers tremendous monetary and non-monetary value within your organization.

Industry Leading Medical IT Services Company in Australia

MIS (Medical IT Services) has more than a decade of working experience with healthcare practices and medical centers in Australia. We are specialized in providing the right IT solution to meet the specific requirements of healthcare professionals in New South Wales, Australia.

Unlimited Range Of IT Support Services

Our services are not limited to IT Support, Cloud Management, Cyber Security, Software Backup, Office 365 Setup, and ransomware protection. We can provide you with the right advice, products and support to maintain a high performance IT environment for your medical practice and team. Medical IT Services ensure that your computers and servers fulfil the RACGP Computer Security Guidelines. Find out more about our customized IT solutions for health care providers, practice managers, and hospitals in Australia.

Medical Software Backups

When you are under our Maintenance Agreements, we log in to your Server on a daily basis and ensure that backups are running smoothly.

24x7 Responsive Help Desk

Our IT support officers have a lot of knowledge about the medical industry and experience in troubleshooting medical programs/software and computer hardware. We can solve all types of technical issues quickly.

Medical Practice Accreditation

As we know all the accreditation regulations and rules and we have an accreditation document that will be shared with you to fill out and get the accreditation.

Cyber Security Solution

Cybercrime is rapidly increasing and you can’t afford to let your medical data breach. From desktop to server, network to cloud - Medical IT Services has covered your cyber security issues.

Medical Data Security

We provide data-centric security solutions that are completely secure and fully compliant for Medical practices. We make sure your medical data is safe and there are no security loopholes on your network.

Cloud Backup and Storage

Optimize internal operations by implementing high-performance cloud services. Our cloud backup solutions are completely customizable. Select your required storage limit and number of devices you needed.

Are you looking for a reliable Medical IT Company for Healthcare Practice?

We understand the liability associated with Medical Data and we strive to keep your medical data safe and secure. By choosing us as your Medical IT Company, you’ll get the best possible practice that’s fully secure, professionally managed, and backed up by 24/7 monitoring and support.

What Our Clients Say

Why Choose us as your Technology Partner

There are many valid reasons why you should choose us to take care of your valuable device.
Lower Your IT Budget
Lower Your IT Budget in Long-Term 100%
Better Time Management
Better Time Management 95%
Increase Staff Productivity
Increase Staff Productivity 96%
Increased Security
Increased Security 96%
Patient Data Protection
Patient Data Protection 100%
Quick Data Backup
Quick Data Backup 99%
Medical Software Accessibility
Medical Software Accessibility 99%

We are specialized in providing medical IT services to the Healthcare industry, with a proven track record of helping companies upgrade and maintain their IT environment. Our high-quality IT solutions allow healthcare officers to do their best work while keeping critical data safe, secure and easily accessible.

We work for all medical practice management software

As one of Australia’s leading Medical IT Services Providers, we are experienced in setup, install, configure and troubleshoot the most demanding medical software programs including Medical Director, Genie, Best Practice, Shexie, FrontDesk, TM2, Incisive and Bluechip. We are also working with many other less known software programs as well.

Let us help to solve your all medical IT issues

Whether you want to set up a new medical practice, need help connecting to the new hardware devices or troubleshooting software issues, Medical IT Services offers you a concrete IT solution to meet your needs within a tight budget.

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