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Healthcare IT Consulting Services

Harnessing The Power Of Technology

If you are a healthcare provider and looking for a reputable IT Consulting Company in Australia then you have come to the right place. We will partner with you and provide the right advice on which technology is best for your practice and help you to improve the patient satisfaction.

Our team of healthcare IT consultants will design, develop and deliver customized solutions that will help to enhance productivity, increase staff capacity, and quality of patient care and practices.

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Medical IT Consulting Services
What is Healthcare IT Consulting

What is Healthcare IT Consulting?

Healthcare IT Consulting helps to overcome the challenges associated with patient care and normal business operations. It is a process of providing expert advice, sharing knowledge, and guiding healthcare organizations to align their business objectives with enterprise technology solutions.

The role of a healthcare IT consulting firm is to design infrastructure, implement policies and procedures, deploy and maintain the quality of service delivery that helps to increase the efficiency to serve patients more effectively, and strengthens the interaction between patients and healthcare providers.

Why Healthcare Sector Need IT Consulting?

Finding a reputable IT Support Provider that specializes in the healthcare industry is the most daunting task. The ability to maintain a full time IT department is not feasible for medical practices, due to lack of technical support, expert advice, and time-consuming. That is why the demand of IT consulting and professionals is on the rise to meet the requirements of healthcare organizations and their patients. Here are some other reasons to hire an IT consulting services provider.

  • Pay only for the services that you need rather than paying in-house IT staff.
  • Organize IT infrastructure according to the Australian healthcare system needs.
  • Deliver endpoint security solutions to protect your medical devices from cyber attacks.
  • Protect business information and patients records, prevent data loss and system failures.
  • Medical Staff focus on their job while having peace of mind that all IT needs are being met.
  • Provide a central point of contact to manage all suppliers, vendors, contractors at one place.
Healthcare IT Consulting Services

How We Provide IT Consulting Services?

Our IT Consulting Services covers a wide variety of technology solutions for healthcare providers, medical practices, research labs, general physicians, pharmaceutical companies, specialist clinics, and allied health care professionals. Our team of IT Consultant will guide and help you to align your healthcare system with the latest technology to transform facilities for better patient outcomes.

Desktop Support

Setup new computers, upgrade software and hardware, email support, data backup – all are covered in our remote desktop services.

Server Management

We provide server support including 24×7 monitoring, resolving technical issues, software updates, and security patching.

Network Management

Design and automate healthcare network system as well as provide technical support, continuous monitoring and management.

Firewall Security

Protect your healthcare network with our advanced firewall security system that acts as the first line of defense against cyber attacks.

Website Management

Convert website visitors into loyal patients and take your practice to the next level online by getting our website management solution.

Office 365 Consulting

Get all-inclusive Office 365 consulting services with cloud-based solutions compliant with the Australian healthcare standards.

Additional Features of Our Healthcare IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting Features
Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

Our IT consultants can design and develop RPM solutions that enable you to monitor and share patient information remotely.

Solution Consulting

Solution Consulting

We can help you with the analysis of your practice needs, and advise and implement IT solutions with online consulting services.

24x7 IT Support

24x7 IT Support

Always keep your network system active and healthy, we offer dedicated healthcare IT support with advanced features.

FAQ’s About Our Healthcare IT Consulting Services

By outsourcing IT consulting services, healthcare organizations can improve patient care in real-time as well as reduce the cost of maintaining their in-house IT department and infrastructure.

After you contact us, we will ask and gather all the information about your practice needs.  Our IT Consultant will identify the rules and procedures for all your medical staff who are  accessing and using the organization’s IT assets and resources. We will design and deploy effective IT security policy to protect your healthcare organization from cyber-threats, data breach, and manage cloud workloads.

We can provide you with a robust cybersecurity solution that helps to reduce medical errors, improve patient security, secure network systems, protect medical data information and medical devices vulnerabilities.

Our IT consultants are experienced in setup, install, configure and troubleshoot the most demanding medical software programs including Medical Director, Genie, Best Practice, Shexie, FrontDesk, TM2, Incisive and Bluechip. We are also working with many other less known software programs as well.

According to a study, more than 50% of healthcare businesses can collapse in case of a major disaster due to a lack of an IT disaster recovery plan. Any carelessness on this part can lead to a frustrating and unforeseen downtime and decreased staff productivity. 

Healthcare IT Consulting Services with Workforce Solutions

Whether you have an in-house IT department or setting up a new medical practice, our team of IT consultants will assist you in which technology solution can fulfill your practice requirements. We can beautifully design custom-tailored IT solutions to optimize your healthcare operations efficiency.

Call at 1300 660 368 or email us, our IT consultants are available 24×7 to provide support and services.

Healthcare IT Solutions
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