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Clinic To Cloud Gateway For Better Patient Experience

Clinic to Cloud Gateway For Better Patient Experience

Healthcare practices using Clinic to Cloud, a clinical and practice management software provider that is Sydney-based, has modernized its Patient Portal for advancement and betterment of inpatient experience.


Patients can perform many tasks online on a cloud-based system. From booking appointments to expenses, invoices, and approved results from pathology and imaging investigations; and uploading referrals. Patients can also receive reminders for their appointments to reduce missing any of them, and You don’t need to worry about the security application infrastructure being updated and maintained to ensure that a patient’s data is secured.

The Significant Trend:

Healthcare Practices have been utilizing patient portals to smooth out digital health solutions for patients. For instance, in 2020, a digital health organization Zesty declared an association with the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust (RWT) in England’s West Midlands to present a patient portal as a feature of a push for the utilization of digital.

In a Research distributed by Kidney Medicine, it was discovered that while numerous healthcare practices encourage patient portals to make patients experience better, there are some patients who may not get expected results from patient portals, for example, those from lower payouts. They might work on it to ensure that the patient portal becomes easily Accessible and usable for all the patients.

“The updates to the Patient Portal ensure practitioners can increase patient engagement in a world where more healthcare transactions are occurring online. Doctors and practice staff have experienced a higher administrative burden during the pandemic, and unless we continue to innovate in this space as we have, the burden will continue. In the meantime, patients want a higher level of transparency from online providers,” stated By Rafic Habib, CEO of Clinic to Cloud.


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