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Healthcare IT Services

Healthcare IT Services; Rising Need

Healthcare IT Services are really beneficial for market growth in the medical industry. During the time of the COVID-19 pandemic when everyone around the globe is trying to adjust with “New Normal”, it is proven that how important it is for the industry, when the lockdowns occur numerous challenges emerged such as access to patients (71%), possibilities to raise capital (62%) and possibilities to make online system cyber safe. 

Healthcare Centers can avail tremendous benefits of Managed IT Services. Here are the three benefits which a Healthcare center can enjoy: 

Minimum Cost

The medical industry can minimize operational costs by 20% to 45% by choosing themselves the right Managed IT Services provider. 

  • Modernization of existing environment can save you from downtimes 
  • Integration of up-to-date technology, tools, and processes will help you maintain an automated environment 
  • Rather than hiring a person, you can enjoy 24/7 remote support 
  • Leveraging of Cloud services 
  • Instead of having a backup server, you can enjoy both on-site and off-site backup support 

Maximize In-house Efficiency

A Healthcare center can achieve higher efficiency with IT managed services and can help you attain higher availability, dependability, and accuracy with existing or even without staff in an automated system. 

If your existing team is having some difficulties finding out the problem in the system, the service provider team can help you out in no time. 

Better Patient Care

Managed IT Services can improve Practitioners experience with their patients in a way like the following: 

  • Providing “Right Thing at the Right Time” they can get medical data of a patient saved in the cloud anytime anywhere. 
  • Providing innovation in the existing systems and making day to day operations smooth 
  • Providing Higher Patient Satisfaction 
  • Ensuring Higher IT System’s performance 
  • Implementing methods what’s best for your medical center 

Data Protection

The risk of losing data due to system failure is very high, and the information of your patient’s record or billing information is too important to be lost during a power outage or system breach. Healthcare IT Support providers can keep your system backed up and ensure minimum downtime during any unfortunate incident.


As per the Australian Information Commissioner’s (OAIC) “The health sector reported the largest number of data breaches in 2020 and according to the predictions of cybersecurity ventures, there will be two or three times more cybersecurity attacks in 2021 on the health care sector as compared to other sectors globally.

Any sort of breach is costly, as noted by the IBM security report, on average one incident costs $6.45 million to a healthcare institution, which is about 65% more than the cost of mitigation in other industries. No healthcare organization, irrespective of its size can bear to face a security breach. A security breach may also include the cost of HIPPA fines as well as reputational harm.

Why do you Need IT Services?

In day-to-day operations, you encounter a lot of challenges in order to manage: 

  • Remote Patient Monitoring

Practitioners’ main concern is to keep tabs on their patient’s well-being. Remote monitoring needs a great Computer or mobile system, which is fully optimized and managed so you can’t face any ambiguity while monitoring. 

  • Data Store-and-forward

It’s hard to store hundreds and thousands of GBs of data in a single system for multiple reasons it’s difficult to keep, secure, and forward.  

  • Server Efficiency

Managing and maintaining servers in healthcare needs 24/7 surveillance and support. Server downtime can be fatal for this industry. 

  • Vendor Management

Managing vendors by yourself is a bit hectic. Practitioners are so busy with their patients that they don’t get enough time to deal with vendors. Dealing with and choosing the correct vendor is an important task. 

  • Above all Wireless Network Connection

Healthcare centers can’t afford Wireless Network failures, a lot of devices are connected and depends on one network. It should be efficient and fully managed. 

 Our services are not limited to IT Support, Cloud Management, Cyber Security, Software Backup, Office 365 Setup, and ransomware protection. We can provide you with the right advice, products, and support to maintain a high-performance IT environment for your medical practice and team. 

IT Security 

  • Cybersecurity 
  • Ransomware 
  • Range Information Security 
  • Managed Antivirus 

IT Support, Management and Maintenance 

  • Desktop support 
  • Server support 
  • Firewall Router Support 
  • Vendor Support 
  • Remote Management 

IT Storage and Backup 

  • Cloud Storage 
  • Cloud email service 
  • Onsite and off-site backup 
  • Back Software 
  • Disaster Recovery 

Networking Services 

  • VOIP 
  • Managed Wireless 

Other Services 

  • Microsoft Office 
  • Monitoring and Alerts 
  • Monthly Service Report 

Do you Want to Know the difference between IT Services and Managed IT? Reach out we will clear up your confusion.

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