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White Label IT Helpdesk Support For Medical Practices

What is a White Label IT Helpdesk Support for Medical Practices?

Healthcare organizations rely heavily on their IT systems and networks but they are facing problems to manage multiple vendors at a single point of contact. In this scenario, you need a white-label IT helpdesk support that can work under your own supervision to keep your clients satisfied and enhance your reputation as a reliable healthcare service provider.

In the healthcare industry, the importance of IT support services has been increasing due to the latest and advanced technology solutions such as telehealth and telemedicine. So it is not a big surprise that leading healthcare organizations are outsourcing their IT department to build, manage and maintain their IT infrastructure.

If you are starting a new medical practice in Australia and want to hire a professional IT expert, then you should outsource IT support who can diagnose, and fix all types of IT related problems, as well as allow your medical staff to get help and start work again quickly.

What Do White Label Services/Products Mean?

White label services mean an advertising or manufacturing procedure in which one party makes a product/ service and another party sells it with their brand name, logo, and identity.

What is White label IT Helpdesk Support?

IT services companies offer a kind of IT support in which they resolve IT issues and handles customer’s requests for their client’s trademark. White-label IT helpdesk services providers have industry knowledge, equipment and tools, and experience in managing advanced applications and IT equipment.

Factors to Look for In White Label IT Helpdesk Services

If you are looking for white-label IT helpdesk services for your healthcare system, you should know what factors to look for. Probably, your outsourced partner offering these services as a part of 24×7 IT support.

Your white-label IT helpdesk support solution should have these qualities:

  • Your IT support services provider should understand the aims and objectives of your hospital and offer white-label support with the information they have gathered from it.
  • They should know and respect your healthcare system’s values and understand your culture.
  • Go for a services provider which desires to make a strategic partnership with your medical practice and ardently backs your practice’s future goals by offering calculated assistance and positioning their services with your aims.
  • Check that the service provider is accredited for helpdesk support. It will assure you that they use suitable quality controls and are determined to supply premium helpdesk support.

Medical Software Support

A good white-label IT support services provider will also provide medical software support such as Genie, Medical Director, and best practice software. Below are the details of some of this software.

  • Genie Solutions

Genie is a healthcare center management solution designed for Australian doctors and healthcare workers. As a physician, your job is to serve patients, and if you are using Genie Solutions for your practice so it’s better to outsource software support to a healthcare IT services provider.

  • Medical Director

The medical director uses cloud-based technology to make clinic management easy for its clients. White-label IT support can help with simple workflow configurations, troubleshooting, and across all Medical Director products.

  • Best Practice

Best practice software company creates and sells world-class clinical management products for the Australian healthcare sector. A white label IT support facilitates medical practitioners and Practice owners to better patient communication.

24/7 IT Support for Medical Internet of Things (IoT) Devices

24×7 IT support involves maintenance, management, and monitoring of all end-user equipment such as critical SAN, server data center tools, storage, and network systems, wireless devices, EPOS equipment, PCs, smartphones, laptops, printers, as well as Medical Internet of Things (IoT) Devices.

Usually, if any equipment fails, a technician will come to your premises with the replacement part. You might have in-house engineers, but you can’t stock all IT components due to space and the high costs involved.

White-label IT vendor management support has a wide range of replacement solutions and provides a single point of contact to manage multiple hardware and software vendors at the same time. In this way, you can easily find the exact replacement part which you were looking for.


A White Label IT Helpdesk can be personalized to fulfill the unique requirement of your practice by integrating with your existing medical IT system. Our White Label IT Helpdesk is capable of providing a high-end user experience for your clients, reducing IT support costs, and being flexible to use your technology.

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