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Australian Govt Initiates Digital Transformation For Aged Care

Australian Govt Initiates Digital Transformation for Aged Care

Australian government takes the most useful step towards transforming the aged care sector. The government has committed to a big change and has signaled its purpose to invest further in digital transformation for the healthcare industry.

Australian Government identified numerous areas for immediate action that will be taken for healthcare digital transformation for both the provider and government levels. This article outlines how providers individually can undertake an end-to-end transformation to better meet the needs of older Australians and continue to raise the bar in the quality and safety of care delivered across the sector.

About the initiative

Digital transformation for healthcare in the aged care sector is an essential pillar that facilitates broader aged care reform.
Proper healthcare digital transformation depends on close partnerships and the government is committed to delivering public suggestions regarding the digital transformation agenda, with a core focus on:

  • Maintaining conversations
  • Collecting insights
  • Understanding point of contact with the sector.


Healthcare Digital Transformation Benefits

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The government facilitates the aged care industry in Australia and asked IT vendors to show their interest in digital transformation webinars.
The Australian government has periodic public Healthcare Digital Transformation Tech Talk webinars to discuss the transformation process and answer questions. We encourage healthcare providers to join the webinar and uncover the possible opportunities for providing quality care to senior citizens.
The hospitals can also contact the government authorities to request targeted Health presentations at existing industry or government forums.


The main goal of digital transformation in healthcare is to modernize the aged care system. The government is planning to gradual improvements over the coming years. The government will also provide advice about the roadmap for change, current status, and primary priorities through their regular Tech Talk webinar series.

Tech Talk Webinars

The Department of Health and Aged Care in Australia take daily webinars for the aged care sector and IT professionals on their healthcare digital transformation work. To get yourself register for upcoming webinars, click here.

Digital Transformation Capabilities

This digital transformations for healthcare is responsive to both the internal and external environment and reform that will be present in the sector for the long duration, ties up what medical practitioners are doing in an area, to every other domain of their organization, and most importantly, has the customer at the heart of everything they do.

These capabilities make healthcare organizations in Australia connected to patients, to their workforce, and across the organization, ultimately leading to better results for older Australians. There are eight (8) capabilities as follows:

  • Insights-driven actions and methods
  • Experience centricity by design
  • Innovative and quality services
  • Seamless interactions
  • Responsive operations
  • Aligned and empowered workforce
  • Digitally enabled technology architecture
  • Integrated partner and alliance ecosystem

The Bottom Line

Digital transformation in healthcare cannot be successful without digitally-enabled and integrated operating models, systems, and procedures. Now is the possibility for the aged care industry in Australia to leverage the reform agenda to connect parts of their organization that is preventing them from being efficient, and confidently meeting and surpassing the expectations of patients and their families.

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